Gli Etruschi

The arms


Etruscan warriors carrying the body of a fallen comrade, handle cover in bronze. Rome, Museo di Villa Giulia.

The weapons used in attack by the Etruscan foot-soldier comprised a wide choice of arms for hand to hand fighting: lances, short or long swords, normal and two-headed axes, curved swords and daggers. Javelins, bows and arrows were also used. The arms for defence purposes consisted of armour for the chest, made of fabric reinforced by metallic studs or bronze armour, made in two or three pieces and with a linen lining.

Their heads were protected by bronze helmets of varying shapes: they protected the cheeks or the nose and could be simple or crested. Their legs were protected by bronze greaves. The armour was completed by a leather, wooden or bronze shield, which could be round, oval or rectangular.

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